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After Ellen finished studies, she began two-year military career of honour guard, which was a decent and glory experience. The moment when she makes up with false eyelashes every time to welcome Politicians from all over the world, she understands a truth that all her temperament from heart are showing in the eyes with false lashes, self-confident and persevering.

After finishing her military career, Ellen began to manage the false eyelash factory that her parents have been running for more than 20 years. Ellen becomes more passionate about the eyelash industry, so she creates the brand lashes: COOCO LASHES and the slogan “COOCO LASHES, NOT JUST CHARMING”, with a wish to all women who can affirm their beauty and find beautiful answers. With the rigorous military style and artisan spirit from her parents, she leads the traditional false eyelash factory to open up overseas markets successfully.

COOCO LASHES is not only limited to serving local Chinese women, but also hope to serve more overseas women and help them to find the true beauty from their eyes. Cooco Lashes will be committed to become the benchmark in false eyelash industry via high quality products and professional service to all customers. COOCO LASHES, NOT JUST CHARMING!

  • If I choose the models from Cooco Lashes stock, when will it be there?

    If you choose the models from Cooco Lashes stock about lashes, we can ship to you immediately. The shipping time is 3-5 working days by Fedex and DHL.

  • If I want to buy stock lashes and lashes boxes without logo, when will it be there?

    If you choose the models from the website and lashes boxes without logo, cooco lashes company can send the order to you next day.

  • If I want to buy lashes and customized packaging with my logo, when will it be there?

    If you want to customized packaging with your logo, Our company's professional designers will produce the design draft within 24 hours. After the design draft is confirmed, the order making time is EIGHT making days.

Free Sample

We offer free eyelashes samples to ensure customers can have a direct contact with Cooco Lashes’ style and quality materials. We offer free eyelashes samples to ensure customers can have a direct contact with Cooco Lashes’ style and quality materials.

Custom Made

We can provide more than 400 models of lashes. Including the latest development of lashes product. More importantly, our professional design team can provide professional designs and feasible solutions according to your requirements.

One Stop Solution

Cooco Lashes exports all kinds lashes to he world. With a professional design team and experienced construction team, we are capable to provide you full one-stop services and solutions.

about COOCO
Cooco Lashes Profile

Qingdao Cooco Lashes Manufacturer Co., Ltd is engaged in False Eyelashes line since 1996. During the past years, we are keeping on studying and developing our design as well as the false eyelashes quality. We are dedicated to eyelash manufacturing, design, development and export trading. The product line is covered False Eyelashes, 3D Mink eyelashes, Faux Mink Eyelashes, 3D Premium Synthetic Eyelashes, Eyelashes extension, Magnetic Eyelashes, so on.
More than 20 years of production design experience allow us to provide the guide to lead the fashion design, comfortable false eyelashes, high quality and best service. Meanwhile, in order to meet different products need of our selling partners, we have set up a strong logist team for the other products, like OEM&ODM, Eyelashes glue etc., we are aiming to provide best service and quality to our partner.
We want all of our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we have created a lash that is perfect for every lifestyle and eye shape. All of our high quality lashes are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear. Handmade with cruelty-free mink, our lashes are long lasting and reusable. Cooco Lashes can be worn up to 25 times. Because our lashes are sterilized, hypoallergenic, and made with no added chemicals or dyes, they are suitable for contact wearers, or people with sensitive eyes. Our lashes come in a luxurious, compact, and durable packaging that can be used to store your lashes when you are not wearing them.
At Cooco, you can expect superior customer service. Our goal is to be the leaders in the mink eyelash market, and to provide the highest quality mink lashes, at affordable prices to women all around the world.
We sincerely welcome all of our business friends to come and visit us for a long term business relationship and get our mutual benefit by our joint effort.

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